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Cheap Van Rental Services in Toronto

Our lives are full or unexpected twists and turns and so are the roads that lead us to our destinations. We need to be prepared for ever situation so that life is not able to throw us off our tracks and leave us lost.

Car or vans, mechanical objects can breakdown anytime. No matter what precautions you have taken to keep your vehicle in best condition for the family trip that you had planned months ago, you may find your van not budging an inch just the day before the trip. You garage owner tells you it is a major fault and it would take him a couple of days to get the vehicle fit for the road! It is devastating.

Hire Your Cheap Van Rental Services from

But there is actually no need for you to disappointment the others in your family and cancel the trip. You can go as you planned just by hiring a van from one of the car and van rental agencies of Toronto. Just make sure that the vehicle that you get is safe, and the agency does not take an advantage of your situation and charge you enough to burn a hole in your pockets.

We are one of the Cheap Van Rental Services in Toronto

10 and 12 Seater Van Rental is a reputed name for cheap van rental services in Toronto. We have a fleet of vans with varied seating capacities to fit in your requirements. All our vans are kept in best conditions and you can drive-test one before renting. Any mechanical faults are fixed or the vehicle is replaced with a better one. The biggest advantage of choosing 10-12 Seater Van Rental is that our rental policies are hassle free. You need to show us a valid G Driving License and an age proof showing that you are above to avail our cheap van rental services in Toronto.

We Offer Different Rental Packages with Additional Discounts

What sets 10-12 Seater Van Rental from the rest of the car rental agencies in Toronto is that our rental rates are very affordable compared with the quality of service that we give. You can avail our special offers of weekly, monthly and weekend rental packages and get additional discounts. If you have problems reaching our office, do not worry, we will reach your van at your doorstep anywhere in Toronto. The rest of the renting formalities will be handled by our able and friendly staff.

Cheap van rental services in Toronto of 10-12 Seater Van Rental is dependable and is available 24/7 for you. Contact us via email or just give us a call.

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