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Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Rental Companies

Rental agencies often offer you extras and insurances which look profitable from a distance but a closer inspection proves quite the opposite for you. As companies have tried to reduce the printed price of car rentals, rip offs during these deals have substantially increased. Here are a few tips on avoiding getting ripped of while making a van rental deal.

  • Mind the time and place: Last minute bookings give the van rental agency a chance to ask for outrageous prices. Being out of options at the eleventh hour you reluctantly oblige and end up paying more than what that deal should have cost. Hence book your van well in advance that way you get to judge and compare the options given by the companies. Rental locations near airports charge a higher rental price hence off airport locations should be taken into consideration while choosing a van rental company.
  • The fuel story: Most van rental agencies ask for an extra charge for the full fuel tank they give you at the beginning of the trip but you are not given any credit if you return the car with fuel left. Look for agencies which ask you to return with a full fuel tank and takes no charge for the fuel. This way you can save a lot. Do not let the agency fill the tank up.
  • Damaged good: Often, people don’t check for damages, dents, scratches and the like while hiring a car. Result? You might end up with a big dent in your pocket. Check for pre existing damages in the car and document them by taking pictures from both sides, inside and out, and get them signed by an agency employee in the form so that you are not accounted for them. Also after returning home keep a check on your credit card bill as unexpected rental car damage charges are common.
  • High insurance price: Excess waiver insurances offered by the car hire companies are meant to relieve you from the excess charges that come with renting a car. But these insurances add up to make absurdly high van hire prices. So instead of agreeing with the policies offered by the rental agencies, do a little research. You are bound to get a better insurance deal regarding the excess coverage from your original car insurer or from other agencies which can be found even on the internet.

These tips are meant to make your driving experience better as you will enjoy more when you know you have not been cheated. Follow these, rent a van from a van rental company in Mississauga and you are all set for an amazing trip.

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